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Love  Encouragement  +  Cheer?

Our wine fairy service includes two gift wrapped bottles of wine and a note of encouragement. 

Local Deliveries

Non-Local Deliveries

The Wine Fairies live in Granby & Simsbury, so it's easy for them to fly to homes in these locations! If you have a friend in Granby or Simsbury who can't wait for a visit from the Wine Fairy, click below!

Have a friend who lives further away and still needs a visit? Our Wine Fairy flies anywhere you need for a small flight fee of $9.99. To arrange a Wine Fairy visit for non-local locations, click below!

Schedule a Local Visit From the
Wine Fairy


Encourage a friend with two gift wrapped bottles of wine and a note of encouragement. Flat fee of $45 (includes local delivery to Simsbury or Granby)


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