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Our Cheese Sommelier


Joe has been a passionate cheese enthusiast since the late 1990s. His fascination and studies began with local artisanal cheeses, and soon after to the unlimited and magical varieties of Europe. 

In 2005 he visited Pienza Italy, where he met with their locals, tasting firsthand from the artisans themselves, witnessing the different families’ centuries old techniques and histories, the smiles of sharing.


Since then, Joe has enjoyed sharing his excitement in educating, choosing these very individual gems, both global and local, tasting and appreciating with others. With each curd and their unique beauties and behavior, he believes it keeps the ever evolving living breathing world of cheese works of passionate art in themselves.


Joe Archibald is a visual artist and resides in central Connecticut. His love for cheese is very alive, and he continues to host cheese tastings in the state, both large and small.

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